MYOO Earth Awards

At MYOO, we believe 2012 is the year where social and environmental good can be part of every person’s life. A grand dream? Perhaps. But one more easily executed with inspiration, guidance, and trailblazing by our 2012 Earth Day Honorees: 10 human beings whose daily lives are startling examples of accomplishment with purpose. From rubbing elbows with the world’s biggest cats to building the world’s most ecologically sound buildings, these folks prove that there are limitless paths to safeguarding the earth.

Beverly Joubert
Who is Beverly Joubert? Guardian angel of Botswana’s wild lands, explorer in residence for National Geographic, and filmmaker-photographer with an eye for capturing the unbridled beauty of big cats,  Beverly Joubert and her husband Dereck lead conservation efforts in the African bush. It’s a process of patient research, keen observation, and brazen exploration of large predatory mammals and their essential impact on all life around them, including human life. Peabody Awards, 5 Emmys, and a slew of other honors barely begin to describe the vivacity and dedication to the wild with which Beverly creates her films. The filmmaking explorer is, perhaps above all, creative and open-minded: rather than a misanthrope, she produces her photographs and film with the hope that viewers will care, connect with her film, and become alive because of it. To witness the heights and dynamic dimensions of her films is arresting; to witness her life is very much the same.