Beverly & Dereck Joubert Receive Lifetime Achievement Award

On friday night (4th April) Beverly and Dereck Joubert received a Lifetime Achievement award from the South African Films & Television Awards (SAFTAS) for their contribution and development of the countries film industry.   Previous recipients of this award include Anant Singh who recently produced ‘Mandela: The Long Walk to Freedom’.

For three decades the Jouberts have produced films in Southern Africa, many of which have helped save vast tracts of wilderness and have raised awareness on the plight of Big Cats and other iconic species that are under threat.  One of their first films, ‘Eternal Enemies’, has been watched by over a billion people from around the world, and is one of their most popular and renowned films.  The Jouberts 2011 film, “The Last Lions,” was filmed in Botswana and has since become a powerful ambassador for wild lions. In less than a year it reached over 350 million people and it continues to reach more, while collecting an array of international awards in the process.

Legadema, the leopard that features in ‘Eye of the Leopard’ (2006), has become a global ambassador for leopards, while drawing attention to the fur industry, which is destimating their numbers.  As National Geographic Explorers-in-Residence, the Jouberts have also founded the Big Cats Initiative with National Geographic to further protect all of the big cats in Africa and globally, through on-the-ground projects, research, education and ongoing awareness campaigns.


Yet it is not just big cats that they are concerned about.  Through Great Plains Foundation they are also working to protect all wildlife including elephants and rhinos that are so vulnerable right now.

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