Birth of a Pride is joint winner at Natur-Vision film festival


We are pleased to announce that Birth of a Pride has recently won another international film award, the NaturVision Film Festival German Wildlife Film Award.

The jury was equally taken with the story of two lone-mother lionesses, who give birth to the first cubs in an area of Botswana where big cats and their prey had been virtually wiped out by hunting and poaching. The filmmakers spent weeks and months lying in wait in the savanna grass to provide profound and moving insights into the family life of the lions. In a dramatically artistic way, they have integrated the unique night images from an infrared camera into their documentary.

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Discovering the Secrets of Lions

Dereck and Beverly Joubert have spent more time filming and living among lions in the wild than anyone alive today. The discoveries they’ve made over 30 years of wildlife filmmaking have challenged conventional wisdom about Africa’s big cats.

They’ve made more than 20 films for National Geographic, where they are “Explorers in Residence.”

They live in Botswana in the heart of southern Africa, a country about the size of Texas.

The Jouberts often go long stretches without seeing another human being, but they made an exception for us, and allowed us to join them in a wild place they call home…

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